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21st Annual Convention – Inaugural Address

Being text of the inaugural address by the elected president of the Egbe Omo Yoruba North America (EOYNA) at the 21st Annual Convention on Saturday August 10th 2013 at the Sheraton Washington North Beltsville, Maryland.

Eyin Eniyan Mi;

Few weeks ago, the Independent Electoral Committee flagged off the campaign for the 2013 election cycle. In the spirit  of love and selfless service for the Egbe some members stepped forward to vie for different positions.

Prior and during the campaign period we inundated you with write ups and countless numbers of phone calls and you gave us precious hours of your valuable time. We shared our vision and ideas on what would take our Egbe to the position envisioned by its founding fathers. You gave us your suggestions and we listened.

In my conversations with you I have come to appreciate the myriads of talents and the potentials we have individually and collectively in our Egbe. I was profoundly touched by the commitment you expressed and the optimism you posses which indicate our association is destined for greatness.

My brothers and sisters, on behalf of you all, I extend our sincere gratitude for the service and leadership provided by our Amazon and ever glowing Yeye Afin Monilola Tenabe. Yeye, we thank you. You are a true Yoruba daughter, an inspiration and a lady of substance. Our prayer is that Olodumare would continue to guide you, protect you and your household and keep you for us. E se pupo, e pe fun wa o.

To my brother and friend, Dr Mayowa Ogedengbe, no doubt you are a man of core beliefs and convictions. You brought to fore the “Yoruba survival thrust” as the fulcrum of your social justice crusade for our people. Our encounter also consolidated my strong belief that we the Yoruba should always embrace the Omoluabi ethos as a guiding
principle in all our undertakings.

To our past presidents who attended the convention and continue to be part of us; President Kolawole Ayodele, Agba Akin Olu Otunbusin, Agba Akin Adeola Odusanya we say a big thank you and we desire to continue to imbibe from the fountain of your knowledge and wisdom. Your labour shall not be in vain. We are always glad and enriched to have you and seek for your active engagement with the Egbe.

The electoral contests were keenly sought and ran with decency, class and grace and no one lost, our Egbe won. The tasks ahead would require all hands to be on deck and we all have to rise up to this occasion as we chart our course to the promised land. The challenges are daunting but our resolve is immutable.

We need to be re-invigorated and pull together to bring our all to bear on the issues and projects we shall be embarking upon.

As the new administration starts to set its agenda, in the spirit of Alajobi, I appeal to all those who were offended in the past over any issue to please remember the bond we
share; the nexus of our progenitor which is greater than any difference we may harbour and I assure you that we shall overcome.

We owe ourselves and the younger generation a dynamic, active and virile association which would be a vehicle for change, progress and sustainable development for our people  both here (US and Canada) and at home (Yoruba nation)

As the weeks progress, I shall be meeting with different constituencies within the Egbe viz our elders; Agba Akin and Yeye Afin, our women, past presidents and our leaders and elected officials in developing a road-map for our association-agba jo owo lafin so ya.

As I stated during the campaign we shall operate a “Collective presidency of You and Me”. We welcome your suggestions and proposals and please offer your service as we call upon you. This way, we as stakeholders would protect and shape our stake in our cherished Egbe.

On behalf of the executive members, I thank members of the Independent Electoral Committee (Mr Idowu Akinleye, Alhaja Sherri Razak-Thiers, Mr OJ Oluade), our host chapter; Washington DC led by Aare Dipo Ogunrinde, members of the Convention
Committee chaired by our adorable Mrs Charity Ogunbo for hosting a successful convention.

To all members of our esteemed Egbe, I pray that we shall experience eternal Joy in our lives as we join hands in Unity, Love and Harmony for the betterment of our people. A ko ni se ti o, isu omo a jina fun wa je o. Ase edumare.

Agba-Akin Bolu Omodele, BS, MBA, CPA, ACA
President EOYNA

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