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EOY-Vancouver: Yoruba Heritage Centre Appeal Fund

The Yoruba community in Vancouver,  is coming up with a massive multi-million dollar project. They intend to construct  a “Yoruba House” and in Vancouver, Canada

According to Hon Wale Oladuntoye, the purposes of the Yoruba House, which will cost about 3.5 million dollars include the following:

- To be used as a tool to create awareness about Yourba Culture

- To serve as a centre for cultural activities

- To be used to promote tourism both in Yoruba land and British Columbia

- To house a showroom for pictures and artifacts from Yourba land and Canada.

- To provide a centre for social events and activities

- To host an office that serves as a contact point for new immigrants and refugees , and also provide an environment for dissemination and management of information related to settlement and job searches.

- To provide an avenue for the Yorubas and other Nigerians to keep abreast of current news and information from home.

- To provide a space for teaching the Yoruba language and culture to Nigerian and Nigerian Canadian children and others that show interest in the language.

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