Yoruba in Diaspora


Motto: Àgbájopò owó lafi nsòyà

Goal and Objectives

The prime objective of this Egbé is the promotion and encouragement of Yoruba tradition, cultural, heritage and the education of the public to its benefits in Africa and in the Diaspora.


  • To foster greater understanding, love and unity among the Yoruba Community.
  • To promote the general welfare and common good of all members of this Egbé and the Yoruba Community at large.
  • To refurbish the chastity of Yoruba people in Hamburg and subsequently across the Federal Republic of Germany and beyond.
  • To study the major history of the Yoruba people, as heavily culture-based in general, especially oral traditions and languages.
  • To make Yoruba strong and prosperous, but not for any selfish end.
  • To re-establish relationship among all Yoruba people and heirs of the great Oduduwa
  • Working co-operatively with organizations of identical goals inside and outside Nigeria to promote peace, stability, justice and unity while working actively for the promotion of Yoruba interest.
  • To support Yoruba Group Projects abroad for instance: bi-national family training, Yoruba language courses, etc.



Full membership is open to all Yoruba descendants, regardless of race, religion, color, ethnic background, place of birth, sex or social status.

Those members that do not fulfill their financial obligations shall be considered non-voting members. They will not be allowed to influence proceedings or the direction of the Egbé.


Membership shall be obtained through the completion of our registration Form “Membership Application Form”   or   Registration online and is contingent on satisfying established criteria and the declaration to honor and abide with the constitution of the Egbé.
Registration fee is 50,00 EURO.

Attention !! Completed form shall be faxed or posted to our contact address.

Anthem of the Egbé

To intensify the chastity of Yoruba people, a national anthem was composed and ratified as:
Orin Egbé

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