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’20 Scholarship Application 11-1-2019

Applicant must be of Yoruba Origin

Egbe Omo Yoruba, National Association of Yoruba Descendants in North America, (Egbe) is the umbrella organization of all Yoruba Organizations in USA and Canada. Its mission is to promote the unity, progress, and empowerment of The Yoruba people in USA and Canada for peaceful co-existence based on justice for all.

The Egbe is seeking applicants for scholarship awards (sponsored by Moremi Foundation) of up to $1,000 each.

Applications must be postmarked no later than June 2, 2020.





  1. Must be resident in North America and be currently enrolled full-time

in an undergraduate program at an accredited community college or university in

Canada or the USA. Graduate student or student already in

possession of an undergraduate degree is not eligible.

  1. Must be member of a Yoruba organization or a parent must be member of an affiliated chapter.
  1. Must be at sophomore level or above with a declared academic major.  Certificate programs and skilled trades are excluded.
  2. Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.  Academic transcript will be requested prior to award.
  3. May receive the scholarships a maximum of two times.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE – Applicants must submit all of the following:

  • Completed application form. (Item A below)
  • Career Interest Essay (Item B below, 1 page)
  • Essay on their relations or link to the Yoruba heritage as well as experience with the Yoruba culture: (Item C)
  • College Transcripts – most recent college transcript showing cumulative GPA. (Item E)
  • External signature (Item G) – The chapter president where the applicant or his/her parent is a member must counter sign the completed application

(Please print or type)


  1. Applicant Name: _____________________________________________________________

      First                              Middle                            Last


  1. Name of Current College/University: _____________________________________________


  1. Campus Location ______________________________________________________


  1. College/University Major: ____________________________________


  1. Academic Status as of Jan. 1, 2020: Sophomore Junior  Senior;

(Note – Applicants must be sophomore – senior level to be eligible.)  


  1. Number of Completed Credit Hours as of Jan. 1, 2020: _____________________


  1. Expected Graduation Date: ______________________


  1. Current Grade Point Average (G.P.A.): ____________


  1. College/University Residence Phone Number: _____________________


  1. Cell Phone Number: ___________________________


  1. E-Mail Address: ___________________________


  1. Permanent Residence Address (to be used to mail scholarship):



Street                                           City                State            Zip Code


  1. Citizenry (USA/Canada/Nigeria/Other (if other, state country)): ________________________________


  1. Name of the closest Egbe Chapter to residence: _______________________________________________


  1. Have you ever received a scholarship from the Egbe or any Egbe Chapter? Yes           No

If yes, specify year received and from which awarding chapter: ____________________________________


  1. Signature – I attest that all responses are accurate


_______________________________Date:  _________________


  1. Career Interest EssayDescribe in detail on no less than a half pages, but no more than one page, your short and long-range professional. Explain your plans to further your education and assist in making future contributions in your field of study. Explain any special circumstances in your life that you have had to overcome in order to succeed academically.


  1. C. Yoruba Link and ExperienceDescribe on no less than a page, but no more than two pages (double spaced) your experience speaking Yoruba, living among Yoruba or practicing the Yoruba Culture. What suggestions would you make to help improve the culture, language or to help ensure that the language is more widely spoken.
  2. Grade Transcripts Please send your most recent grade transcripts. Include your entire college grade history.


  1. Resume Provide a 1-page resume that includes information on your work experience, volunteer activities, education, honors/awards received, and other interests.


  1. Chapter President signature – The current chapter President of Egbe Omo Yoruba must counter sign the completed application before submission.


DEADLINEMaterials must be mailed with postmarks no later than June 2, 2020.


Please submit the application, two essays, official or unofficial grade transcripts, resume, and the completed application is counter signed by the current chapter President



APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Application materials must be postmarked no later than June 02, 2020.


MAIL APPLICATION TO:  EOYNA, 173 Hagaman Place, Staten Island, NY, 10302




Applicants:  Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program.  If you have further questions email Mrs. E. Kunnu: ekunnu@aol.com or Duro Akindutire: presidentyorubanation@gmail.com




Attach a copy of your college/university ID card issued in 2019/2020 Academic year


Signature and comment of home chapter President:


Name of President: ————————————–



Signature: ————————————————-



Open and print this Application

’20 Scholarship Application 11-1-2019